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Police Rules

Please read all rules carefully and make sure you are aware of all rules, officers will have 1 strike and after that suitable punishment will follow if a rule is broken.

lenience will be used in certain situations but dont assume it is so for every one. 


Stay in Role-Play at all times! If you have an in-game issue with a player do not deal with it while your are in-game. You must always stay in role play as a police officer while In-Game.

You must always respect and abide by the police chain of command. This can be found in the pinned messages under police ranks.

Use of lethal force may only be granted by the highest ranking officer online at the time. Use of lethal force is and must only be used as a last resort where it is a live or die situation. Abusing lethal force may result in a removal from the force.

You must ALWAYS be in the private police discord voice channel and NOT muted when online and playing as a police officer! If you are found not to be in the voice channels while actively playing as police you are at risk of a demotion/kick from the force.

You must never call a player by his steam name, this will be seen as fail RP. The only way you should know a players name is by getting their ID.

Being a police officer is a serious role and you will be required to treat it as such. every interaction must contain good and valid role play, if this isnt the case you will be removed from the force.

You are required to follow all laws you enforce. This includes road rules. If you need to break normal civilian road rules you must be either in a pursuit or responding to a situation, with your lights and sirens on.

You MUST NOT keep guns from cop job when changing to a different job, if found doing so punishments will apply.

Guidelines to follow

*RAMMING* When in a police chase situation, ramming to try and destroy/disable the criminals vehicle is a legit way to end a chase. It is good form to have backup with you before attempting to disable the criminals vehicle. If available ask a superior prior to ramming a vehicle as there may be other ways to prevent damage or possible loss of life.  Use the proper technique of hitting the back tires when doing so.

*Spike Strips* Placing spike strips into the path of a fleeing vehicle is a great way to stop the chase and bring things to an end. After you have deployed the spike strips please remember to pack them when the situation has ended. Also make sure you are only using spike strips while there is an active valid declaration. You can only put down a spike strip with a higher command agreeing or a fellow officer. *See declaration rules below*

*Responding to a robbery of any kind* When responding to a robbery it is crucial that you get there quick and safe. Driving through street polls and other map objects is clearly not OK. If you cant handle the speed then slow down! Once at the crime scene it is crucial you get yourself into good cover. Try and protect yourself with your vehicle for cover by parking in a place that isnt open to many angles. If you are the first responder try and get as much as much info about the situation as possible and relay this information in a clear manner to any other responding officers. And example of good information is as follows; How many people are there, is there a hostage, have you located the escape vehicle, etc.. Bad example of communication can include; “There are idk how many people but they are shooting at me!, theyre all screaming i cant hear a thing!”

*When pulling a player over* When pulling a player over stop your car behind them not in front of them to create a more realistic feel as this is what normal police do. Dont walk up to the vehicle with your taser out unless suspected they have a weapon. Ask them politely to either get out of the car or ask them what they were doing etc. speeding, running a red light depending on the situation. You can only search a person if they have been around the scene of a crime.

*Searching a player* Players are not to be searched unless they meet one of the following criteria;

  • Seen in a crime scene
  • Have unpaid criminal tickets
  • Seen fleeing a crime scene
  • Brandishing a weapon in public
  • Are suspected of committing a previous crime
  • Where involved in a robbery and or are suspected of being involved with the robbery
  • All players that are inside of a PD can be searched regardless of the above rules.

*Lethal Force* Lethal force is only to be used when your life is in severe danger, a life or death situation. An easy example of this is if you are left alone in a 1 v X situation and there is no other way out. Lethal force is to be used when tasers will have no affect and cannot deal with the situation.

Another example of lethal is one only the highest ranking officer at the situation can call. This use of lethal force will be to gain an advantage in a severely disadvantaged situation. The idea behind this use of force is to gain a window of opportunity for police. A good example of this would be as follows;

6 people in the jewelry store firing upon officers. The leading officer would call for 1-2 criminals to be taken down in order to taze and restrain the rest, thus gaining full control of the situation. High ranking officers should keep role play in mind when calling this tactic and only use it in very disadvantaged situations.

Rules of engagement.

When engaging on a player in a vehicle whilst you are also in a vehicle you must have your sirens on for a good 10-15 seconds before attempting a PIT maneuver .

When responding to a robbery/call you must clearly have your sirens on before and while attending. Having your sirens on while responding to a situation is a clear declaration between the two parties and is a must for following good engagement rules.

When/if you are going to raid an illegal area you must use your sirens like you are responding to a normal robbery. You MUST have declared on the illegal area before attempting the raid. Driving in and putting your sirens on 50 meters before you enter the area is not good enough. 

When engaging on a player outside of a vehicle you must clearly and loudly state your intentions. A small and soft “Hey man can you please put your hands up on your head” will normally not suffice, depending on the situation. Clear and loud directions should always be used when giving civilians requests.

*Tazing* Before using the force of a taser on a player a few criteria should be met these include but are not limited to;

  • Asking the persons to stand down and put their hands up.
  • If possible try and to control the situation without firing the taser, a good tip is to bring the taser out and let people know your intentions if they do not follow your requests.
  • If the person starts clearly fleeing from you, you may make an attempt to taze
  • If the person starts getting in a vehicle to try and evade from you, you may make an attempt to taze.
  • If the person is acting suspiciously around other persons and you fear your life might soon be directly in threat.
  • If the persons goes to pull out a weapon
  • All persons that are in a robbery and have been properly engaged can be tazed on site.

Revoking Guns/Gun license

It is critical that you take weapons and weapon licenses away from criminals! You can do both of these actions from your police interaction menu. As this is a touchy subject on both ends, i will give some clear examples of when you are allowed and not allowed to take weapons and licenses.

*TAKING* You may take a persons weapon/license if one or more of these criteria is met

  • The person is involved in a robbery
  • The person has threatened an officer with a weapon
  • The person is involved in a murder
  • The person is involved in a serious crime. (robbery.murder,kidnapping,extortion,threats.. These kind of crimes, ask a senior officer if you are unsure.)
  • The person is seen shooting his weapon in public
  • The person has seen brandishing his weapon in public
  • Officers have put a suspect down and are now allowed to retrieve the weapon/license from the persons before EMS take their measures. 

You may *NOT* take weapons/licenses away from civilians for these reasons

  • The civilian has committed a minor crime (speeding,car crash, verbally abusing an officer..etc, again if you are not sure please ask a senior officer.)
  • Shooting in self defense (if provable)
  • Killing in self defense (if provable)

Role Playing as a *Corrupt* cop

Just.. No. You are NEVER allowed to use your cop rank to blackmail civilians, or do any sort of special favors for anyone under any circumstances. This is NOT a guideline, this is a server rule and you will be blacklisted from police if you break this. This also includes selling weapons to your friends who are not police, bribes and anything you can assume would be seen as being a corrupt officer of the law.