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FiveM Rules

Basic Terminology 

  • RDM - Random Deathmatch (Randomly killing a person(‘s)).
  • VDM - Vehicle Deathmatch (Hitting person(‘s) and causing death via vehicle).
  • NLR - New Life Rule (Everything must be forgotten when killed).
  • OOC - Out of Character (Interactions that don’t involve roleplay or ingame)..
  • IC - In character (Interactions that involve roleplay and are ingame).
  • FailRP- Fail Roleplay (Incorrectly roleplaying by going against the rules).
  • Metagaming - Mixing your own knowledge (learnt out of character) with your characters knowledge.
  • Powergaming - Forcing an unrealistic situation or something that will benefit you
  • Value of Life - Otherwise known as FearRP means you need to comply to certain situations as if it were you in real life.

General Rules

  • R1.1 - Do not disrespect other players in out of character (OOC). This includes being racist and/or sexually harassing players.
  • R1.2 - Do not joke about anything/threaten to harm the server or players, jokes are not exempt from this rule.
  • R1.3 - Joining on an alternative account to avoid a ban (no matter the ban time) is a permanent bannable offence. 
  • R1.4 - Using a bug/exploit to your own advantage will result in a ban. Report it to a staff member so they can get it fixed.
  • R1.5 - No Nazi-RP, NSFW material or Racism of any type is permitted. In addition to this, players are not allowed to have RP names that resemble or are similar to prominent figures associated with historical or recent tragedies (perpetrators and victims) that are likely to cause offense.
  • R1.6 - No Killing or attempting to kill other players without any valid RP reason or trying to incite violence for no reason is considered Random Deathmatch. This also counts for any vehicle related deathmatch.
  • R1.7 - Leaving the server or attempting to commit suicide in an active situation to evade it is not allowed. You must roleplay these situations out and let them run their course.
  • R1.8 - Value of Life is considered as if your character only has one life, this means if you are placed in some sort of hostile situation where your life is in danger, you MUST comply as if that life was your own.
  • R1.9 - Unnecessarily injecting yourself into someone else’s RP and attempting to ruin their roleplay scenario is counted as griefing. (This includes cop baiting, being offensive just to get a reaction or attempting to stop a running scenario).
  • R1.10 - Forcing RP upon others for outcomes that require your specific RP to playout is considered powergaming. You must allow others to make their own RP, within that scenario.
  • R1.11 - Roleplay must be realistic, this means that anything that cannot be done in real life or may be difficult is considered unrealistic roleplay.

New Life Rule

  • R2.1 - NLR means that when your character has respawned, they must have no recollection of any previous scenarios leading up to their death. (i.e store robbery or mugging someone). This means you cannot return to the same place for any reason whatsoever.
  • R2.2 - If you are involved in hostile RP with somebody, and they die you must not have any similar roleplay (in regards to that event) when they have respawned.
  • R2.3 - If LSES are roleplaying and attempting to revive you or help, you must no respawn. Let them have their RP.


  • R3.1 - Metagaming is the action of gathering information obtained from an OOC source such as discord or DM’s and using it for IC purposes. Gathering information from OOC sources is strictly against the rules, any and all information must be obtained in character.
  • R3.2 - If you are using third party communication such as teamspeak or discord, you must use the appropriate IC features. (i.e earpiece and talking ingame at the same time)
  • R3.3 - Referring to your other character as your “relative” or a “friend” is allowed, but you must not specifically talk about what they do when they are in the city (i.e my cousin is the biggest criminal in town, his name is John).
  • R3.4 - Your character must have no knowledge of what your other character does, this means nothing can be transferred from character to character as this counts as metagaming.

Criminal Activities

  • R4.1 - Robbing banks and general stores is allowed, if you are going to participate in these scenarios you must roleplay them out with police. A neutral outcome for both parties must be attempted, however if it falls apart shooting is allowed.
  • R4.2 - Hostages are allowed to be taken for specific scenarios such as robbing banks or for store holdups. Only 2 hostages may be taken per scenario. When taking a hostage you must use /me for physical characteristics that you may not be able to do ingame. (i.e /me ties hands and removes gun).
  • R4.3 - Mugging other players is allowed, when doing so you should have a weapon that invokes "R1.8". To search for weapons/tie hands you should use /me.
  • R4.4 - A maximum of $100,000 is allowed to be mugged/stolen/demanded from police, this includes items of such value as well as money.
  • R4.5 - Criminals/Civilians may only take police vehicles when their is a valid RP reason (i.e police are chasing you so you steal their car). You may not randomly take these vehicles just because you need a vehicle.


  • R5.1 - Corruption is not allowed within police. If you are found to be corrupt it is considered an OOC issue and you will be punished as such.
  • R5.2 - Police firearms and essential police items must not be handed out to the public. Anyone caught with police issued weapons or items will be punished.
  • R5.3 - Police are to use their firearms/tasers at a last resort, they must only shoot if their life or another civilians life is at risk.


  • R6.1 - 1sk Community Rules (found here) apply at all times, regardless of any situations these rules must be adhered to.
  • R6.2 - You must act respectfully on the forums, discord and ingame at all times. If you are seen to be offensive on the forums, discord or ingame you will be punished. (Use your common sense)
  • R6.3 - Staff serve at the pleasure of the community and hence being a staff member is voluntary. They will do their best to help you but in return you must be respectful at all times.

The rules are being constantly changed, it is your responsibility to know what they are, if you are on the server it is a given that you have read them and it is solely your responsibility to act within. Players violating these rules will be punished by 1sk Gaming accordingly.