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EMS Rules


  • Stay in Role-Play at all times! If you have an in-game issue with a player do not deal with it while your are in-game. You must always stay in roleplay as a EMS Officer while In-Game.
  • You must always respect and abide by the chain of command. This can be found in the pinned messages under EMS ranks
  • You must ALWAYS be in the private EMS discord voice channels when online and playing as an EMT/Paramedic! If you are found not to be in the voice channels while actively playing as EMS you are at risk of a demotion/kick from the service
  • You must never call a player by his steam name, this will be seen as fail RP. The only way you should know a players name is by getting their ID.
  • Being a EMT/Paramedic is a serious role and you will be required to treat it as such. every interaction must contain good and valid roleplay, if this isnt the case you will be removed from the force.
  • You are required to follow all laws that are in place. This includes road rules. If you need to break normal civ road rules you must be  responding to a situation, with your lights and sirens on.